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Shift Publishing partners with companies and passionate individuals who know their stuff and offer complementary services to our publishing and promotion services.  We are pleased to recommend the following individuals and companies (all links open in a new window).  Remember to tell them you were referred by Shift Publishing – that way you’ll be treated like royalty ;)

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United Kingdom

Corporate Escape Coach

Maite BaronMaite Barón is the bestselling author of Corporate Escape and runs a unique coaching service in London which helps disillusioned and frustrated professionals achieve their full potential by escaping the rat race and start working for themselves.

“Together with my partner Keith Grafton, I nurture and develop these New Entrepreneurs, helping them create businesses with heart and soul, where profits are achieved though ethics and a desire to make the world a better place.

I also support small business owners and professionals in transition – those who are made redundant, between job or career –needing to work out what’s next, searching for the clarity, purpose and direction they need to take control of their lives and leave confusion, uncertainty and fear behind.”

B2B Lead Generation

Tim Bond, Network Sunday

Tim Bond of Network Sunday offers a new approach to lead generation – useful if your book is aimed at the corporate market.

“We ensure our clients use the power of personal brands and professional networks to engage with decision maker contacts in their target markets. Our digital B2B networking, monitoring and appointment setting systems are used by some of the best known technology companies in the UK, US and Australia to build and nurture their sales pipeline. Elite Networker, our monthly rolling service, covers sales pitch review and analysis, LinkedIn profile writing, message creation, list building, message delivery, response management, appointment setting and real-time lead reporting.”

LinkedIn Training & Mentoring

Mike Clark, REV SalesMike Clark of How to REALLY use LinkedIn has worked with thousands of business owners, helping them transform their businesses with practical and grounded sales strategies that deliver rapid returns that help businesses grow.  If your market is the corporate world, you need to chat to Mike.

A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Mike is a recognized sales authority, business columnist and in-demand speaker.   His company, REV Sales partnered with the World’s 1st Certified Training Institute “How to Really Use LinkedIn”  who teach organizations the power of networking to win new business.   He recognizes the power of using business social media and has seen that when compared with traditional business development methods, it gets both rapid and a higher level of return – speeding up commerce.

Book Coaching & Courses

Mindy Gibbins KleinMindy Gibbins-Klein is Founder of The Book Midwife® and if you’re struggling to get your book written, she guarantees to help you complete it in 90 days.

“I’ll help you make sense of your ideas and turn them into a good plan and outline. You may want to do the full 90-day program, which takes you right from the idea all the way through to finished manuscript. Or you may only need the Inspiration Session® to make a powerful start.”

Mindy is also the Managing Director of Anoma Press, a traditional book publisher and online book store.  If you need help in getting your Kindle book converted into a physical book, have a chat with Mindy.

Personal Branding

Louise Mowbray, Mowbray by DesignLouise Mowbray of Mowbray by Design is internationally recognised as an expert in building and developing Personal Leadership Brand for C-Suite, Directors, Executives and Entrepreneurs – and Corporate Leadership Brand for organisations. She also works with a number of high-profile clients in the public eye and in politics.  She is a qualified Coach, Consultant and Professional Speaker.  Contact Louise for:

  • One-to-One Coaching:  To develop your personal brand value
  • A Corporate Programme:  To connect and develop the magic trilogy of your brand promise, your employee brand and your client’s experience
  • The Wild Card:  The video tutorial on building Personal Leadership Brand for all stakeholder facing people in your organisation
  • Professional Speaking:  To deliver a powerful keynote, workshop or seminar

Social Media and Online Reputation Management

Jay Shah, OrtegraJay Shah of Ortegra heads a team of passionate people who have an outstanding interest in online and social media marketing.

“We are good at what we do because we love it!  Our clients become a part of the Ortegra family where we together build their brand awareness and community online. We believe in having a deep understanding of your business and your sales and marketing objectives.”

Public Speaking, Presentation and Video Coaching

Jennifer StenhouseJennifer Joan Stenhouse of My Media Management focuses on coaching people in how to present themselves and their message brilliantly – whether on a stage, on video, in the media, at work and in the boardroom, or even at a job interview.

My Media Management has a strong focus on the coaching, therapy and spiritual market and helps the soul entrepreneur raise their profile, manage their reputation and improve their marketing both online and offline.

“I have developed a model of charisma training, as well as a home study course teaching people how to present themselves and their brand well on video for online use. I offer face to face training in how to communicate well – both on camera and off – as well as charisma workshops and self esteem talks and seminars.”

Virtual Assistant Services

Emily West-SadlerEmily West-Sadler, founder of Virtual Assistant Goddess, assists individuals and small businesses to delegate away low priority yet essential tasks of business growth so they can do what they do best and succeed.

“I believe everyone is a soul waking up. We’re getting greater awareness, consciousness and evolving through love. Everything I do as the Virtual Assistant Goddess is to free people up for their fullest expression through doing what they are most talented at. My mission is to raise global consciousness by using social media to connect people to good ideas that change them and the world. Life IS simple – and heaven can be experienced on Earth.”

United States

Business & Marketing Training

Brendon BurchardBrendon Burchard of The Burchard Group is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “The Millionaire Messenger” and “The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive.” He is also founder of High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the world’s most comprehensive marketing training for aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. For these works, Brendon is regularly recognized as “one of the top business and motivation trainers in the world.” (Inc. magazine, AndersonCooper.com, ABC, and more).

Brendon’s books, videos, newsletters, products, and appearances now inspire two million people a month worldwide.

B2B Lead Generation

Nathan Kievman, Linked StrategiesNathan Kievman of Linked Strategies is a highly sought after Digital Strategist, Speaker & Social Media Consultant & Trainer. With a heavy focus on LinkedIn and B2B social media initiatives. He uniquely bridges Business Strategy, Targeted Objectives and ROI with Social Media, Digital Media and Traditional Marketing Initiatives.

With a robust following as the owner of the number one LinkedIn Strategies Group on LinkedIn while having taught more than 35,000 people how to master the platform. He has authored three books on the topic, including the currently available, LinkedIn Mastery: An All Inclusive Guide to Mastering LinkedIn. Additionally, he is an international speaker and has presented as the keynote speaker on Social Media Strategy for the National Speakers Association winter meetings in 2011.

Mobile & Video Marketing

Mike Koenigs, Traffic GeyserMike Koenigs of Traffic Geyser is the CEO and Founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. His products simplify marketing for tens of thousands of small businesses, authors, experts, speakers, coaches and consultants worldwide.

His celebrity and bestselling author clients and friends include Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Debbie Ford, John Assaraf from “The Secret”, Brian Tracy, Jorge Cruise, Dan Kennedy and Harvey MacKay.

Mike and his team developed the platform and methodologies on which Shift Publishing is based.